Lime Business Network, a program aimed at providing companies and their staff with LimeBike’s GPS-enabled bicycles as an employment perk. Launched officially in Seattle with Facebook WeWork, New Tech Northwest, Galvanize, zulily, EnergySavvyPike Place Fish Market and many other leading companies and SMB.

Lime Business Network will be available to companies in which every city LimeBike is available.   

We are offering employees 1 free month of LimeBike rides, and are working closely with companies to explore ways to integrate employee commuter dollars towards rides as well as offer affordable, flat rate pricing that empowers employees to use LimeBike for their daily commute and more. 

Like LimeBike, we are solving for challenges for the positive future of cities, with a community-centered approach. Since our members commute from all over the city and in between multiple WeWork buildings, the ability to pick up and drop off a LimeBike from virtually anywhere is a huge benefit.
— Gina Phillips, WeWork’s director for northwest region

In addition, LimeBikes are available at the company’s offices, and all LimeBikes in the city are accessible by employees. We manage all maintenance and operation of its bike, along with education campaigns at zero cost to our partners.

Join the Lime Business Network today! We will design a program that is tailored to your company's transportation needs. 

Ride on!