About the role

As an Operations and Logistics Manager, you are responsible for planning, forecasting and implementing a City’s bike operation & deployment strategy. This is a critical role as it directly correlates to continually improving the rider experience through greater bike availability, while minimizing costs and streamlining processes associated with the operational side of our business. To excel in this role, you are expected to have a strong analytical mindset and the ability to translate data into business decisions.



  • Planning, forecasting and implementing a City’s bike operation & deployment strategy

  • Ensure optimal distribution and rebalancing of bike fleet in market

  • Manage relationships and structure contracts with SLAs with local warehouse contractor and potential bike carriers

  • Be the representative of the LimeBike brand on the ground

  • Draw insights from user experience to brief product design and engineering teams to continuously improve platform


  • Analytics mindset: You use data to understand rider behavior and accurately deploy bikes to serve user needs. You constantly test the limit of each assumption we know about operations and optimize workflows with concrete data evidence.

  • Forecast & execute: You are responsible for forecasting business objectives and plan operations on a quarterly basis. You are also able to break down these objectives into actionable tasks and collaborate with the team to achieve the goal of improving bike utility & minimizing cost.

  • Pure hustle: Being at a startup company means not everything will go according to plan. You should be an energetic person who is not afraid of getting your hands dirty, willing to pull the long hours when needed.

  • Leadership: Ops Manager is a leader within the city. You are a natural leader who has a demonstrated track record of leading initiatives within your organization.

  • Bachelor's degree in Economics, Finance, Statistics, Engineering or similar field.

  • 1-3 years of Strategy Consulting, Accounting, Product Management, Banking background or equivalent with demonstrated track record driving business decision using data.

  • Excellent Excel skills, SQL experience preferred.

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