LimeBike Customer Service
Call:  1(888)-LIME-345 or text 1(888)-546-3345

Roadside assistance & Maintenance

Who should I contact if my bike needs maintenance?

If issues related to maintenance arise during your bike ride, please park the bike and lock it in an appropriate location. Report this issue to customer service via the “Help” page on the menu of your LimeBike app.

Please include the bike plate number, what needs maintenance, and include a photograph if necessary. We will be sure to respond accordingly, as we value rider safety. Please choose another LimeBike nearby. 

I found a bike that looks like it needs service / looks broken. What do I do?

Please report this issue via the “Help” page on the menu of your LimeBike app. Please include the bike plate number, what needs maintenance, and include a photograph if necessary. We appreciate your collaboration in making bike share successful in your community! Call or text us at 1(888)-LIME-345.

I came back to where I left my bike and it’s gone --  what do I do?

Bike sharing is available to the any member of the public to locate, ride anywhere, and lock wherever they finish. If your bike is no longer where you left it, a rider like you may have taken it for a trip.

However, LimeBike tracks ridership using real time data, so we are familiar with popular pickup and drop off locations. We ensure that our local operations team rebalances bikes accordingly. Should you discover that your bike is no longer where you left it, please refresh your the LimeBike app to check for more available bikes nearby.

What happens if I’m in an accident?

If you are in an accident, please immediately dial 911.


General app/tech support

I’m in front of a bike that’s not showing up in the app. What do I do?

Please ensure that you are in an area with good reception and try refreshing the LimeBike app. You may attempt to unlock the bike by scanning the QR code, even if it does not appear on the application. The bike may not appear on the app if it is under maintenance. If this is the case, you will be notified through the app when you attempt to unlock it.

My bike is showing that it is in "maintenance mode." What does that mean?

Maintenance mode means that our LimeBike is offline. Please select another bike through our app. 

I was given a promo code -- how do I use it?

Please ensure that you have entered in a payment method first. Promo codes can be activated thereafter by tapping the top left corner for the menu and selecting “Credits”. Enter in your promo code by tapping “I have a promo code”.



Where do I leave / park my bike after my ride is finished? Can I leave it near my house, office?

You can leave your bike anywhere in a public place! That’s the beauty of dockless bikes. We do recommend that you responsibly park it between the pedestrian-designated sidewalk and the street curb, or at a bike rack.

I parked my bike, walked away and forgot to lock it or end my ride in the app. What do I do?

Not a problem. If possible, note the bike number and contact customer service by calling or texting us at 1(888)-LIME-345

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Parking 101

"Bikes can be parked in the “furniture zone” of a sidewalk or at any city bike rack. Make sure to maintain at least six feet of open walking space on the sidewalk, and don’t block driveways, crosswalks, loading zones, accessible parking spaces, bus stops or street corners. If the sidewalk is too skinny to leave at least six feet of walking space, you cannot park there. And don’t park it on the grass. Basically, just don’t leave it in the way." - Seattle Bike Blog 

LimeBike Rides

Can I rent more than one bike at a time?

Currently, you cannot unlock more than one bike at the same time, from one account. However, we are currently working to implement that for our riders!

Are there distance restrictions for riding my bike? How far can I ride my LimeBike? Can I ride it to the next town? What are ‘“operational zones”?

We ask our riders to stay within our sanctioned cities and college campuses. 

Is there a time restriction on how long I can rent a bike?

No, there is no restriction. As long as the bike is unlocked, charges will incur and the bike is yours to ride.