How to Lime

Share the road and share the responsibility!

Here is “How to Lime” - best bikesharing practices, dockless bikeshare parking 101, and hand signals!

LimeBike 101

LimeBike Parking

Do park by the sidewalk pavement, not on grass.

Do not place the bike on the ground.

Do park near a bikerack or designated area.

Do not block pedestrian or wheelchair path, access, driveways, crosswalks, loading zones.

Do park in furniture zone.

Do not park at bus stops or street corners.

Riding a Bike

  • Do a pre-ride bike check
  • Research for the most comfortable route
  • Wear a helmet whenever possible
  • Follow all traffic rules
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Watch out for parked vehicles, and car doors swinging.

Riding a Bike