Lime Community Impact

We believe in a mobility solution that is shared, affordable and accessible.

Transportation is a critical link to opportunity, connecting people to jobs, schools, housing, healthcare, grocery stores and more. When we think about livability and mobility, we do not assume that everyone has equal access to the streets. In that spirit, we are building Lime from a shared value approach that reconnects company success with social progress

We will support and advocate for policies that ensure access, mobility and opportunity for all.

Lime Access

At Lime, we believe in providing mobility for all. That's why we've created Lime Access - an affordable way to use Lime in your city. We're also proud to partner with PayNearMe and to support a text-to-unlock feature, both of which promote equitable mobility by removing the barrier of smartphone and credit card ownership.

To qualify for Lime Access, an individual simply needs to demonstrate qualification or participation in any state or federally-run assistance program.

Lime Access members can purchase 100 rides on our LimeBike pedal bikes for just $5.

Once you've joined Lime Access, you can pay using cash at one of PayNearMe's 27,000+ retail locations.

Please note: Lime Access is currently only available for Lime Pedal Bikes.

Qualifying is simple. Email with the following information. (Please note: by emailing the Access team, users affirm that they have read and agree to our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.) A Lime representative will get back to you within 2 business days with any next steps and further information.

  1. Full Name
  2. Phone Number (this number should be for the phone you plan to use for LimeBike)
  3. Valid government-issued photo ID
  4. Proof of low income status (e.g. EBT card, discounted utility bill, or any other state or federally-run assistance program document)

Once qualified for Lime Access, you will receive a PayNearMe payment code. To complete payment:

  1. Take your PayNearMe payment code to a participating payment location.
  2. Show the payment code to the clerk and pay with cash.
  3. Keep your receipt as proof of payment.

**For our Lime Riders in Ithaca, qualification and support is also available through our partner, Bike Walk Tompkins