A bike share company is rolling into the Bay Area. Katie Nielson reports on LimeBike, a new pilot program in South San Francisco.

LImeBike has deployed 300 bikes in South San Francisco aiming to provide community members and commuters with a new mobility option!

The final permit was issued to LimeBike earlier this month.

LimeBike has been working closely with area businesses and local public transit authority to integrate the program in the most effective way which can best serve the community.

As a City Council, a big priority for us is to address the transportation and parking problems that are plaguing the entire Bay Area. We realize we need to get creative and one of the ways is looking at alternate forms of transportation, such as LimeBike.
— South San Francisco Mayor Pradeep Gupta.
In South San Francisco we are willing to pilot, experiment, and create partnerships with innovative companies like LimeBike and its bike share program to provide active transportation options that can reduce driving alone and encourage a healthier lifestyle.
— South San Francisco City Manager Mike Futrell

Residents of South San Francisco can download the LimeBike app, enter the promo code "LimeSSF," and receive 10 free ride!  Offer lasts 'til September 17. 

RIde on, South San Francisco.