I founded LimeBike because I wanted my son and the future generation to live on a healthy planet. LimeBike aims to provide a sustainable solution to that first and last mile problem: how do we get people from a central location (such as their homes) to their destination (such as their office or the grocery store) in an affordable and accessible way while eliminating our carbon footprints? How do we get the future generations to change their behavior so we can save this planet?

When Keep Tahoe Blue approached me about launching our bikeshare program in South Lake Tahoe, I was ecstatic! To me, the Lake Tahoe region represents an ideal world: an environmentally-conscientious and progressive community that cares deeply about its surroundings, while always being open to new ideas. I immediately answered to Keep Tahoe Blue, “Yes! Let’s do it, together.” In launching LimeBike in South Lake, our joint goals are to reduce traffic on the roads and promote a healthier, faster alternative to cars and trucks while keeping Tahoe blue.

Because LimeBike is a young company, we know there will be great lessons on the way. We strive to always learn, improve, and appreciate the feedback and support we receive from the community.

LimeBike, which is a small California-based company, doesn’t require any oftaxpayers’ dollars to operate. For South Lake Tahoe (and other regions in which we operate), we generate tax revenue that goes back to the community through our service. We’ve also hired local full-time community representatives (you may know them as Steven and Ricky), who are born and raised right here in the region. They are always educating riders about bike parking, safety, and are monitoring any irregularities.

From an education and support perspective, riders are instructed to park at bike racks, or areas where bikesare not obstructing pedestrian walkways or street traffic. We also have a 24/7 customer support line that provides the public with immediate assistance: (888)546-3345.

To date, we’ve deployed 200 bikes in various neighborhoods of South Lake Tahoe as part of a pilot program. This allows riders to access a nearby bike at anytime. We could not have done this without the support from the local businesses in South Lake. You’ll find a list of these participating businesses below. Many have allowed their properties to be designated as “hubs,” or central locations, where riders can park. Part of our upcoming plan is to highlight all of these participating local businesses in our mobile app, which will bring more people and bike traffic into their shops. We are working tirelessly to make sure that this happens soon.

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback to support@limebike.com or call us at (888)546-3345. I personally review all feedback and comments.

Finally, we have additional positions open and highly encourage local residents to apply.

Thank you again for this special opportunity, South Lake Tahoe. We look forward to continuing this journey with you! We are committed to working with the community.

Let’s Keep Tahoe Blue. Ride on.

Toby Sun

CEO of LimeBike


Thank you to the participating businesses of South Lake Tahoe:

  • Blue Angel Cafe
  • Over the Edge Sports
  • Ten Crows
  • Sidellis
  • Coldwater Brewery
  • AleWorX
  • Verde Mexican Rotisserie
  • Lake Tahoe Community College
  • Outdoor Gear Lab
  • Novus Select
  • South Lake Brewing Company
  • Basecamp Hotel
  • Tahoe Mountain Lab
  • Gondola Lodge
  • Mellow Mountain Hostel