This week, we will be rolling out an additional 500 LimeBikes to better serve the greater Seattle community, now with a total of 1,000 bikes. We had an incredible first week in Seattle, with about 10,000 rides! Here are our updates:


We listened to our LimeBike riders and have incorporated their top recommendation- a new cellphone mount on all of our new LimeBikes. We will be updating our existing fleet with this new feature as well. The new mounts are compatible to all smartphones, allowing riders to view navigation apps while riding LimeBike. We are currently working on other improvements as well including extended seat post.

Image uploaded from iOS (3).jpg


As part of a special, limited LimeBike promotion: riders can sign up for LimePrime for a total $39.95 for 3 months, with 100 rides provided per month. Regular LimePrime is $29.95 per month with 100 rides.

We believe bikeshare should be affordable and accessible. Certainly cheaper and greener than rideshare!


As part of our ongoing rider safety education campaign, we will start rolling out our helmet distribution this week. It is the law to wear a helmet in King County and we continue to encourage our LimeBike riders to be responsible and safe when riding a bike.

Our limited edition helmets are custom-designed for Seattle.

To qualify as part of our first #LimeBike helmet rollout:

  • Riders can sign up for the special LimePrime promo mentioned above. First 100 sign-ups will receive a confirmation email from our team with instruction on where to pick up the free helmet.
  • LimeBike riders who log in with 7 rides or more will be qualified to receive a helmet as well. We ask our riders to post the trip history with the hashtag #LimeBikeSeattle on Twitter or Facebook. Selection will be made on a first post, first serve basis.

Finally, we’ve also identified our staunch LimeBike early supporters, riders as well and will be reaching out individually to give you our LimeBike helmet. (Hi Mary and Lynne- We are thinkin’ of you!)

We are delighted by LimeBike riders’ response to our bikes. Thank you for all of your recommendations and kind words. More exciting updates to come… stay tuned!

Ride on, Seattle!