We are thrilled that Seattle has re-opened the bike share program to a new generation of providers, and LimeBike has been working closely with local stakeholders to ensure that we can meet the city’s expectations and residents’ needs and be on-the-ground as quickly as possible.

LimeBike was “built for Seattle”, and is set to offer bikes that are specifically designed for the city’s hilly terrain and weather, including multi-gears and sealed brakes as well as smart features like GPS, self-locking mechanisms, anti-theft alarms and dockless parking.

Users will be able to identify a bike on the street through the smartphone app with just two taps, have access to $1 rides and the ease of dockless parking. LimeBike is ready to make bike sharing in Seattle widely available with an affordable, station-less, subsidy-free network.

The company also benefits from the local expertise of its Seattle-based director of strategic development Gabriel Scheer, who was a part of ZipCar’s successful rollout in the Seattle market and beyond. 

LimeBike is the first company to launch a dockless smart bike share in America, and currently operates in North CarolinaFlorida, and with California and other states to follow.