What an exhilarating weekend for LimeBike!

We held our inaugural LimeRide and it was a terrific success.

LimeBike is designed to help people to get from point A to point B. We also want to bikeshare even easier for locals to shop locally.

For our LimeRide, we partnered with local businesses in the Fremont neighborhood including: Bluebird Ice Cream, which served special "Keylime Piecycle" Ice Cream all day on Saturday; Theo Chocolate, provided free samples to all LimeRide participants; MiiR Flagship - provided free lime flavored tea to all LimeRide participants, and with Fremont Brewery as LimeRide finish line, which offered delicious Lime Gose on tap at the final stop.

  • More than 2,000 rides took place on Saturday (About 5,000 rides took place just within first 4 days of our deployment- better than Pronto’s best week).
  • We saw more than 1,000 new LimeBike riders.
  • More than 250 riders participated in LimeRide!

We are proud to hear from several of our business partners that this was one of the busiest Saturdays they’ve ever seen.

Finally, congratulations to Joe of West Seattle for winning our inaugural LimeRide Grand Prize- unlimited LimeBike rides for a year!

Thank you for your support, Seattle… Ride on!