Lime Rides: Savoring the Sour at Charlotte's Wooden Robot Brewery

Jan 3, 2018 5:51:23 AM / by John Wachunas

With great sour beer comes great responsibility.

Okay, that might sound a little dramatic, but not if you’re the team at Wooden Robot Brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina. They’ve built a near-cult following in the Queen City over the past two and a half years, thanks in large part to this lip-puckering trend in micro-brewed ales.

“We’re definitely known for our sours,” says brand ambassador Kristen Merkl from the Wooden Robot’s spacious taproom on the corner of W Summit Ave and Winnifred Street. “We were the first brewery in Charlotte to have an oak foeder, which is how we’re able to achieve that distinct Belgian influence.”

*Sidenote: if you’re not sure what a foeder is, just imagine a giant wooden barrel crafted to help good beer mature into the stuff of legend.


Of course, while staples like their "Venti is Twenty" coffee sour ale are sure to tempt the more seasoned enthusiasts among you, there's nothing unapproachable about either the beer or the atmosphere at the
Wooden Robot. From its bright, dog-friendly interior to the bustling back patio, the vibe is always dynamic and upbeat. Then there's the menu: alcohol and beer-infused food truck delicacies all served up by a staff that's 100% Cicerone Level-1 Certified.

“We make awesome beer, but the faces you see in our taproom are half of the experience,” says Kristen. “If at any time you find a person with a Wooden Robot shirt on, you know they can answer any beer-related question you have. And they’re just awesome people!” Maybe that’s the reason the brewery boasts an almost unheard of 4.9 rating on Facebook, and 4.5+ on both Google and Yelp.


To make things even more exciting, the Wooden Robot is located just off the Charlotte Rail Trail in one of the Queen City’s most LimeBike accessible neighborhoods: South End. “Every day of the year you see people biking, running, and walking their dogs down the trail,” says Kristen. “And you always find people out and about in this neighborhood.”

Whether you’re stopping in for a drink on your way into Uptown or picking up a growler to restock your fridge at home (they fit perfectly in our baskets, btw), the Wooden Robot is an easy go-to destination for your next LimeBike ride through Charlotte. Just remember what we wrote at the beginning, particularly when biking: with great sour beer comes great responsibility.