A Letter In Response To Statewide Preemption Legislation

Jan 29, 2018 5:06:23 PM / by Toby Sun


At LimeBike, building partnerships with the communities we serve is core to our business.

As the largest American bikeshare, we got our start right here in Florida by serving Key Biscayne, our first community program. We have quickly become the nation’s leading smart bike share company with over 1.5 million rides in over 40 communities by following a partnership-first approach.

Our growth has come through working side by side with city staff, elected officials, and universities across the country to build smart dockless bike share systems that strive to meet the first and last mile transportation needs in the communities we serve, small or large. We pride ourselves on taking the time to work out the details on a local level on how to best serve the community - whether it’s parking procedures in Miami Shores or getting the bike count right in North Bay Village.

That’s why we oppose SB 1304 and HB 1033, Florida legislation backed by other bike share companies that would remove local oversight of dockless bike share, instead ceding all control with the state government. It’s our belief that passage of this legislation would undermine Florida’s communities.

Anyone with a computer or smartphone can find pictures of dockless bikes in China piled to the sky. That’s an eyesore and an environmental problem, and ultimately detracts from the efficacy and desirability of the entire system. This bill is being pushed by the same companies that have created this mess in China and could lead to the same problems in Florida or in other states.

Some communities, like Key Biscayne, have determined they want LimeBike to be the only bike share provider in their community. In other areas from Charlotte, NC to Los Angeles, we operate alongside stationed and dockless competitors. What matters is that local governments and their representatives know best what will work for their community. If this legislation passes, existing bike share arrangements would be torn up. We strongly support regional bike programs, where users have the freedom to take bikes across municipal or city boundaries, but statewide preemption isn't the way to get there; working locally is.

We are always improving our operations and our product as we partner with the communities we serve. The public shouldn’t lose its voice in the process. This is a new innovation that has the opportunity to bring convenient, lower cost transportation solutions throughout Florida, but not without public input.

LimeBike is working hard everyday to foster a culture of safe mobility for all. Other dockless bike share providers may be pushing to eliminate local oversight, but we’ll continue to work with Florida communities statewide to bring dockless bike share to all. It’s the right thing to do.


Toby Sun, LimeBike CEO & Co-founder


Gauthier DerrienLimeBike General Manager of Miami