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Done Smart

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Riding is as easy as:

Find a bike nearby

Use our app to find bikes nearby using GPS

Unlock and ride

Scan any bike to unlock and start your ride

Park and Lock

Park wherever a bike is allowed. Close the back lock to finalize your trip.

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We're zero-cost to your city or campus

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Our Smart Bikes are World-Class

LimeBikes are produced by the world's largest and premiere bike manufacturer, used by other trusted brands worldwide.

What Makes LimeBike Unique


Our pricing model is designed to make biking a daily habit. A cash payment option is available for those without credit cards or smartphones.


LimeBike eliminates docking stations by providing a flexible system of bikes that can go anywhere. We provide enough bikes so thereʼs always a bike nearby.


LimeBike is absolutely free for cities, college campuses, and employers in all communities.

What People are Saying About LimeBike

"LimeBike has revolutionized the ease with which cities can deploy world-class bike share systems at no cost to taxpayers."

The Honorable Michael Nutter
Former Mayor of Philadelphia, 2008-2016

"LimeBike is truly different, and quickly proved it. Their team of experts took time and care to research our market and to offer customized proposals for both campus and city."

Suzanne Williams
Associate Director, Campus Access Management, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"LimeBike is an example of how some of our most challenging problems may be solved with some of the simplest inventions."

Caroline Winnett
Executive Director UC Berkeley SkyDeck

"LimeBike has the city-friendly and city-first approach needed to make these new systems work."

Arne Croce
Former City Manager for City of San Mateo, California