Revolutionizing urban mobility

Zero subsidy, Zero cost

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Zero risk

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Our 60-day program guarantee. If we don't meet your expectations, we’ll pull out.  But if we do, we ramp-up! 

We cover all bike, maintenance, operation, and rider education costs.



Cities-First Approach

Proven bikes

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The manufacturers of Specialized make and test each LimeBike to make sure we meet the highest safety standards.

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We partner with cities to customize a roll-out and parking plan that meets city requirements.

The best of both worlds: a station-less network that partners with you

LimeBike aims to provide the most affordable, flexible, and city-friendly bike sharing network available anywhere. We will improve city mobility and reduce traffic congestion by breaking free from public subsidies for operation and traditional docking solutions. 

mission-driven, city-first approach

Our mission is to revolutionize urban mobility in cities and campuses by empowering residents with cleaner, more efficient, and affordable transportation options that improve urban sustainability.  LimeBike seeks to partner with cities to determine the right operating and parking model.  We’ve built a team with vast experience working within government and for successful technology companies.  


Our solution comes at zero cost to the city.  With a breakthrough financing and operating model, we can deploy and maintain our bike-share program without relying on city or sponsorship revenue.  You can now provide a universally affordable program without relying on taxpayer dollars or a corporate sponsor.  By charging riders just $1/ride (cheaper than subsidized programs today) and working in partnership with cities to increase designated bike parking, we aim to maximize ridership and enhance mobility throughout the city.  A self-sufficient bike program is the only one that can sustainably scale.

Flexible & Scalable

By eliminating docking stations, we can work together with city officials to increase available parking stations (painted squares, bike racks, or bike parking zones). This improves bike availability and convenience for the end-user resulting in higher levels of ridership that can scale, neighborhood-by-neighborhood. 


"To this day, we continue to over-power and over-spend on the first and last mile in urban transport. Future mobility systems will have shared micro-services that move people, not cars. A smart, affordable and widely accessible bicycle network is the pioneer of those services and LimeBike seems to be leading the pioneers in the US."

Felipe Targa
Former Vice Minister of Transportation, Colombia
Senior Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank

"LimeBike is an example of how some of our most challenging problems may be solved with some of the simplest inventions."

Caroline Winnett
Executive Director UC Berkeley SkyDeck

"CEO Toby Sun and Chairman Brad Bao have deep experience putting together teams that can tackle software, hardware, operations, and more.  We couldn’t be more excited about this company, the team, and the change they can bring to cities.”

Jeff Jordan
General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
LimeBike Board Member

"LimeBike seems to be offering a win-win-win for cities: a very affordable bike share solution for users;   the scalability and flexibility of a dockless bike sharing solution; and a self-sustaining model requiring no public subsidy. They have the city-friendly and city-first approach needed to make these new systems work.”

Arne Croce
Former City Manager for City of San Mateo, California

“LimeBike is one of the great new companies I've encountered at UC Berkeley's SkyDeck.  LimeBike is solving a real problem with a cutting-edge and cost effective solution for universities- and unlike many disruptive tech companies they are above board in partnering directly with the University and local government. Their dockless, free-to-university bikes might finally spread bike sharing across campuses nationwide."

Bill Allison
CTO of UC Berkeley and SkyDeck advisor

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